The 4 Most Common Money Mistakes

money mistakes

Are finances something that you struggle with? If you answered “yes” to that question, you’re not alone. There are many common money mistakes that people make. These are some missteps that you’ll want to avoid.  Most Common Money Mistakes  1. Failing to Save You might have enough money to cover your expenses each month. However, […]

5 Financial Habits of the Wealthy People

Handsome young man reading a booklet at the dealership showroom.

What are the common financial habits of the wealthy? As you go on your financial journey the end goal is to build wealth for you and your family. And arguably one of the best ways to do that is to look at the habits of those who have been able to achieve what you want. […]

Financial Planning: A 5-Step Guide to Create a Financial Plan

financial planning

Financial planning might seem like something only the wealthy amongst us has to worry about, but the truth is that financial planning is how many if not all of the wealthy get to where they are. It is essentially being clear and intentional with your money so it works for you and with you. To […]

5 Easy Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom

Financial freedom

Financial freedom can sometimes feel like a big idea that is far fetched and not worth striving for. But let’s simplify it; what if financial freedom just means having control over your finances? What if instead of just going through the daily grind of things you made a plan for how to get to where […]

Are Millennials Buying Life Insurance?

are millennials buying life insurance

Millennials are known to do things a little differently than other generations. You may have heard; millennials have killed voicemail, marriage, and other things that don’t fit their digital-first, savvy-consumer lifestyles. A large part of the savvy-consumer persona is around their desire for full access to brands and creating connections to those brands. Life Insurance […]

Life Insurance: Here’s How it works

Life insurance

Education on what life insurance is and clarity around which policy is best for you could mean the difference between your family financially thriving or having a financial disaster on their hands. So, let’s get to the frequently asked questions my clients ask me when they are preparing to purchase a policy. What is life […]

Mortgage Insurance Vs Term Insurance

Mortgage Insurance

If you’re a homeowner, you probably have mortgage insurance or have at least heard of it, but if you’re in the process of buying your first home or are renewing your mortgage and reevaluating a few things this article is for you. Mortgage Insurance might seem like a non-negotiable for a homeowner, but did you […]

Why Life Insurance Is Important?


We’ve all seen it before. A tragedy happens and the family has to rely on the generosity of others to give their loved one a proper send-off, or the family is stuck trying to figure out how they are going to pay for a proper send-off. Would things be different if you a life insurance policy? […]

Do I Need Life Insurance Policy?

Senior couple reading life insurance form in tablet

If you have debts – or people who depend on you financially – you likely need a life insurance policy. Why get life insurance policy? Life Insurance policy can help ensure your family will be able to maintain their lifestyle if you were to die unexpectedly. Tax- free life insurance payment that is made upon […]

6 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT Tax-free savings account (TFSAs)

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A Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSAs) lets you save tax-free for any goal you want. Here are 6 things to know before you open one. Tax-free savings account (TFSAs) 1. These accounts are available to Canadians age 18+ 2. You can save tax free for any goal you want (car, home, vacation). 3. You don’t need […]